SCD is a technology provider in the world of Carbon Capture. We strive to enhance process design with the aim of sustainability in all of our technologies. Our technology is unique and currently patent pending in US, Canada and European Union. Years of research accompanying two successful projects in Carbon Capturing, make us your preferred partner in combating climate change.

Akron-SCD State of the Art Technology

Unique chemical absorption technology, thanks to our patent-pending amine-based solvent (MPn® solvent). Some of the key advantages of our technology:

Unique, patent pending technology, expecting approval by the end of 2023, patent pending number: PCT/IB2023/054737

Effective, with over 90% Carbon Dioxide absorption efficiency

Fully compliant with relevant federal and provincial regulations

Efficient, consuming significantly less water and energy than other commercially available solutions

Proven technology with two Carbon Captur and Utilization facilities and over a decade of operation

Customized solution to meet client’s needs making it both scalable, and adaptable to client’s flue gas composition 

Cost effective: having the lowest CAPEX among available solutions, and

Single point of responsibility, providing technology, engineering, procurement and construction

Recognition of the Technology