Carbon Dioxide of Shahrekord has worked for more than 3 decades, since 1983, exclusively on the production, storage and transportation methods of carbon dioxide. The ultimate goal of the company has been to achieve the technology of manufacturing various types of carbon dioxide production lines, which required extensive and long research. The heavy cost of this research has been financed by Shahrekord carbon dioxide for many years through the construction of numerous production lines and the supply of liquid carbon dioxide to a large part of the consumers in the country. The result of this 30-year effort is that today Shahrekord Carbon Dioxide is known as the largest producer of liquid carbon dioxide and also the only designer and manufacturer of carbon dioxide production line in the country, with a huge difference compared to other producers. At the same time, the company's long-term research has resulted in numerous patents and inventions that have been registered or are being registered. One of the most important of these inventions is the CO2 absorbent solvent resistant to oxygen, which is sold under the brand name MPn. This solvent is produced specifically and with a special formulation for each carbon dioxide extraction unit based on climatic conditions and the type of gas mixture entering the unit. Years of study and research have made Shahrkord Carbon Dioxide a company that is learning every day. The research team of this company defines the research project itself, builds the device, invents new processes, makes measuring equipment, studies and identifies the current and future situation of the carbon dioxide market and, in total, the carbon dioxide of Shahrekord It develops based on the needs of the country. The production lines of this company, which are manufactured under the name (SCD Shahrekord Carbon Dioxide), are entirely designed with local engineering and technology (not localized) and do not copy any foreign products.