Hybrid production line:
The new hybrid line can produce 2,500 kg of carbon dioxide per hour by burning city gas and carrying out processes related to carbon dioxide production. In the design of the hybrid production line, efforts have been made to reduce water consumption to zero, and this has made the hybrid production line produce water (condensate) in addition to not having any water consumption. The amount of this condensation changes according to the season. The process of removing water in the hybrid line is such that air flow is used to reduce the thermal load of the exchangers. The production process of this gas is that city gas enters the absorption tower after burning, and there, according to the absorption process, carbon dioxide is absorbed by the absorbent liquid. Then, the absorbent liquid along with the absorbed gas enters the disposal tower and based on the disposal process, the desired gas is separated from the liquid and after several stages of purification, it is ready for consumption. The carbon dioxide produced in this line has excellent purity, which can be used in industries such as: food industry, foundry, greenhouse, welding, etc.