Design and construction of the first carbon dioxide liquefaction chiller using CO2 refrigerant

Construction of the first sample of stacked tower packing from rolled sheet

Construction of the first CO2 refrigeration dryer using liquid carbon dioxide refrigeration

Construction of the first ammonia absorption line using residual combustion heat for CO2 gas condensation

Design and manufacture of automatic dry ice press

MEA color coding for the first time in the world

Invention of MP solution without sensitivity to oxygen

Food recycling and purification of carbon dioxide from CO2-rich sources without catalyst

Reducing the compression ratio of compressors

Automation of the water balance of the device

Solvent reclaimer operation at low concentration

Removal of insoluble gases in absorbent solvent using cold stripper

Two-stage absorber intercoolers

MP converter in two-stage MP

Humidity separator economizer

The gravity returns of the condensate from the stripper to the reboiler

Production of absorber head condenser

PH adjustment system and automatic soda ash injection

Reboiler steam control through stripper outlet temperature