HSE stands for HEALTH SAFETY ENVIRONMENT meaning health, safety and environment, which has become HSE or occupational health. HSE and occupational health protect people from risks in the workplace. Both employees and employers are beneficiaries of controlling occupational risks and hazards.

History of HSE in Shahrekord carbon dioxide Company: From the beginning of carbon dioxide 's activity and in the late 90s, the need to create a safety department was discussed. This department was formed in 2010 as a HSE unit. The activities of the HSE unit entered a new phase in 2010 and the contract with the Besat power plant in Tehran, because the Shahrekord carbon dioxide company carried out the first CO2 recycling project from the Besat power plant's chimney. After the implementation of the Baath power plant project in Tehran, another project took place in Kermanshah Petrochemical in 2013, which made the HSE unit more agile than before by the CO2 unit.

Area of HSE activity: The essence of HSE work is to monitor the performance and performance of others, so that they are effective in the field of HSE. Therefore, the main field of HSE activity is first to meet legal obligations and requirements, and then great steps have been taken in the field of personnel health.

1. Legal requirements: An important part of HSE activities is the responsibility of the law, for example, according to the law, it is required, for example, hydrostatic testing for tanks, earth measurement of earth wells, inspection of cranes, measurement of harmful factors in the work environment (noise, etc).

2. Personnel health: Carrying out periodical examinations and checking the health of personnel in all aspects in a special process designed by the HSE department.

3. Cultivation and education: HSE training in this company continues with the training of newly hired personnel and with the monthly training of production and repair unit personnel and periodic training of personnel.

4. HSE's experience in dealing with Covid-19: With the outbreak of Covid-19, the company's HSE department, with the cooperation and assistance of the director of administrative affairs and the company's management, took action and provided important basic information about the corona virus, its complications and symptoms, as well as how to protect oneself against this virus to all personnel in all Organization and company presented. In parallel, all the necessities needed by the personnel to prevent the spread of the virus, including masks and disinfectants, were delivered to the employees. Also, when the initial symptoms appeared in the personnel, screening was done and the personnel with the initial symptoms were completely absent from work for 2 weeks with salary. Also, electric hand sanitizers were installed in all entrances of the company.