Relying on its technical knowledge, this company was able to set up for the first time in Iran a carbon dioxide recovery unit from the chimney of Baath power plant. The carbon dioxide extraction project with a capacity of 1.2 tons per hour, equivalent to 4.50 per day with a purity of 9.99%, has been established in Baath power plant in order to recover carbon dioxide from the combustion products of the power plant units. The implementation of this project was carried out with a completely environmental approach in order to reduce greenhouse gases, which after the implementation of the subsidy targeting plan, its implementation has a very high economic advantage in addition to the environmental aspect. indigenous technology used in this project; It has unique features that are sometimes unique in the world and were used for the first time in Iran and the world. In this project, with the approach of reducing energy consumption, in addition to increasing the environmental value of the project, the cost of each kilogram of carbon dioxide is also reduced.

If the concentration of oxygen in the smoke is low, almost all machine manufacturers in the world prefer to use monoethanolamine solvent. In spite of its unique features in gas purification systems, monoethanolamine, such as high reaction speed with CO2 and having high vapor pressure, also has disadvantages that cause disturbances in the system. (such as oxidation in the presence of oxygen and corrosion caused by it). During extensive and long-term research in the research and development unit of Shahrekord Gascarbonic Company, this company has succeeded in inventing a CO2 absorbing solvent with the brand name (MPn), which is better than MEA in terms of energy consumption and sensitivity to oxygen. It has very good conditions.

In Shahrekord Carbonic Gas Machine Manufacturing Technology, an absorption system with water and ammonia cycle has been designed and built for the CO2 condensate section. Although this system is more expensive than compression systems with a compressor, it creates a significant saving in electricity consumption, and the maintenance of this system is much less expensive than compression systems. It should be noted that investing in this system reduces the electricity consumption of the recycling unit and thus, in addition to reducing the operating costs, it also increases the environmental value of the project.